Qualitative-heuristic Psychology and Social Research Hamburg

Dialogic Introspection

The following texts give a first insight into the method of group-based dialogic introspection. They present basic ideas and proceedings of the research process. The texts are directed to newly interested people and students. The deeper methodological principals of dialogic introspection can be found in the “Methodology”-part of this site.


The text shows the historical roots of the classical method of introspection, discusses the objections to this method, presents the new method of the Group-Based Dialogic Introspection and describes a prototypic experiment with this new method including data collection and data analysis.

Harald Witt (2010): Group-Based Dialogic Introspection. Published in an abbreviated form and in German in Günter Mey & Katja Mruck (Eds.), Handbuch Qualitative Forschung in der Psychologie. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.



The text documents an example of dialogic introspection for data collection and analysis. During a workshop an experiment was realized for demonstrating the method. At the end the advantages and limitations of the method discussed in the group are presented.

Kleining, Gerhard (2001): An experiment demonstrating group-based dialogic introspection. In: Kiegelmann, M. (Ed.) (2001). The role of the Researcher in Qualitative Psychology. Schwangau: Ingeborg Huber. 207-212.



The text presents the Hamburg method of group-based dialogic introspection and discusses the role of the researcher in the research-process.

Burkart, Thomas (2002): The role of the researcher in group-based dialogic introspection. In: Kiegelmann, Mechthild (Ed.): The role of the researcher in qualitative psychology. Tübingen: Ingeborg Huber, S. 91-98.